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Fabryka Kosmetyków Hean

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[Poland]Nail polish

Nail polish: * easy to spread uniformly, does not leave streaks, * ensures smooth surface to nails and a new, quick-drying formula gives them beautiful gloss and a durable colour, * protects, nourishes nails and prevents their brittleness, does not contain harmful toluene and formaldehyde. Available in fifty fashionable colours.[...]

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[Poland]After sun lotion

Body lotion of a light consistence, contains rich moisturizing and nourishing ingredients: aloe, walnut extract, allantoin and D-panthenol. D-panthenol has a soothing effect on irritated skin and alleviates unpleasant sunburn effects. Walnut extract is a great fixative for the suntan colour and also regulates the water-oil balance in the skin. Recommended for sunbathing and solarium as well as everyday body care. Dermatologically tested.[...]

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[Poland]Loose powder

Loose powder: * Available in 5 colors matching foundation shades. * Gives a finishing touch to make-up. * Keeps skin shine free and gives it a fresh color. * Protects skin against the harmful impact of atmospheric conditions.[...]

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[Poland]Nail Art Gloss Paint

Offered in several trendy colours, handy bottles of small 6 ml capacity. A thin brush lets you put even the most fanciful designs and decorations on your nails. Perfectly spreads on the nails and does not chip.[...]

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[Poland]Breast and Cleavage Cream

Developed specifically for nurturing delicate breast and cleavage skin which is exposed to loss of firmness and flexibility. Bio-Bustyl – makes skin firm and tight preventing it from getting slack. Stimulates cell metabolism, facilitating skin cell regeneration process. Ginseng extract regenerates, revitalizes and improves skin blood flow. Aloe extract moisturizes and acts as irritation demulcent. Vitamin E and bio-active complex NMF – visibly softens, nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin.[...]

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[Poland]Tonic alcohol free

Tonic alcohol free with aloe and vitamins A and B5 * Developed especially for daily care of skin on face, neck and shoulders. * Recommended for all types of sensitive skin. * Penetrates the skin easily, delicately softening its texture and leaving a pleasant feel. * As a part of daily care routine, it refreshes the skin and brings back a proper pH level. * Contains a unique combination of active nourishing and revitalising ingredients: allantoin, vitamins A and B5, an extract[...]

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[Poland]Suntan lotion with cocoa butter

Suntan lotion helps to achieve beautiful sun tan. Contains natural UV filters which protect the skin from harmful effect of sunrays. The lotion contains cocoa butter, completely bio-consistent with skin, which has a softening and demulcent effect. Carrot and walnut extracts perfectly balance the hue of the tan. It is easily absorbed by the skin making it slightly oily.[...]

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[Poland]Lips pencil

Lips pencil: * Soft, delicate, nicely accents lips contour. * 10 colours available.[...]

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[Poland]Nourishing cream – Inca Rice

A Nourishing cream of a rich composition based on a combination of Inca rice oil, ginseng extracts and bamboo shoots. Inca rice nourishes whereas the ginseng extract regulates cell regeneration processes, has an anti-stress and revitalizing effect as well as slows ageing process. The bamboo shoots extract improves general condition of the skin.[...]

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[Poland]Anti-cellulite Body Balm

ANTI-CELLULITE BODY BALM FIRMING AND SLIMMING with aloe and a moisturising NMF complex * reduces cellulitis and stretch marks and prevents new ones from forming * revitalises the skin and improves its tone * produces a slimming effect * contains an extract of ginger-race that warms up, improves hydration and enhances blood circulation * contains extracts of a special combination of plants: Aloe Barbadensis, Centella Asiatica, horsetail (Equisetum), Guarana – a rich source[...]

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